Date: 9/21/19 7:17 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: [corvallis-birding] Sharp-tailed Sandpiper - Morgan Lake
Its hard to tell as I'm looking at the photos on my phone, but I think your bird is just a well marked pec. The bird isn't nearly bright enough and there should be a lot more contrast, the photos also seem to show some streaking on the breast.

Good birding,


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On Sep 20, 2019, 10:40 PM, at 10:40 PM, Pam Otley <pamo1954...> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I visited Morgan Lake in Basket Slough NWR this evening. I first
>there were no birds but then they started flying in. I scoped the lake
>from the road, picking out the ongoing juvenile Ruff, first reported by
>Gerig. It was in the east side of the lake. I then walked down to the
>of the lake bed and worked my way around the south side. There was a
>Pectoral Sandpiper at the west side pool. More and more Long-billed
>Dowitchers kept flying in to the west pool area. I counted 62 before I
>left. As I was scoping the peeps on the mud on the east side, I picked
>a slightly larger bird that at first I thought was a Pectoral
>Sandpiper. As
>I watched it feeding, it just seemed different in its posture and
>movement...not as upright as the PESA. It also didn't have the distinct
>border between the breast wash of color and the white belly. Though
>far away, I could sometimes see the white supercilium and rufous cap.
>back and wings also appeared brightly colored, much more so than the
>I have concluded it is a juvenile Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.
>See my eBird list for my distant photos that I hope you-all can make
>details. I have not seen many Sharp-tailed Sandpipers so if I am off
>mark am interested in your comments.
>It was quite beautiful out there with the sun going down. The grand
>was comprised of the Peregrine appearing and diving down on dowitchers
>a dramatic "whoosh", causing them all to take flight. All escaped and
>circled back to where they had been.
>eBird list:
>Happy migration birding,
>Pam Otley
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