Date: 9/20/19 1:00 pm
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Subject: [texbirds] Recent Eagle Lake (Colorado County) birds
If any birder is working on their Colorado County list or just wants to try something different, I recommend Eagle Lake. Several Good birding spots right near each other( all are ebird hotspots)
Eagle Lake Municipal ParkEagle Lake CemeteryCalhoun Road which loops around the west side of the lake.
Recent locally good birds seen today with Bob Friedrichs and Bill Wright or last week alone in Eagle Lake 
Great Kiskadee heard from in Cemetery—Bird was across street from cemetery (irregular but species has been here for more than decade—see long ago Joseph Kennedy texbirds post
Couch’s Kingbird. Singing Just outside Municipal Park in tree to east on US90A (sometimes on wires in park). Fewer recently.
Rufous Hummingbird (not common in County especially away from feeders). Young Male today defending Turk’s cap in small tree Near recently painted large black mailbox at intersection of Calhoun road and dirt road signed entrance to Specialty Sand Company.
Mourning Warbler (left of boardwalk at Municipal Park)
Baltimore Oriole, northern waterthrush, Parula, B&W Warbler , Yellow Warbler. Along path at Municipal Park
Prothonotary Warbler. Cemetery last week furthest end of cemetery from entrance near lake
Black Terns, Anhingas above large quarry lakes visible from Calhoun road near rufous hb
We did not  refind the green kingfishers from years past despite looking in flowing creek near private covered bridge driveway entrance off Calhoun .

Also missed the bronzed cowbird flock seen often previously near grain silo nor in town on 90A Near 3103 stop sign intersection at Taqueria.
Also remember first Saturday of each month at 8AM is the Attwater Prairie Chicken  tour. Call the Attwater National wildlife refuge and leave message for a reservation.
Often other locally good birds can be seen on the monthly NWR tour depending on season such as Cassin’sSparrow, Burrowing Owl, FerruginousHawk etc. it is very hard to see the chickens without taking the monthly tour to non public parts of refuge.
Give Eagle Lake a try!
Good Birding John BernerW. Houston 

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