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Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Deceased Barn Owls

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I hope this goes through as I have tried five times to respond to this, but my message keeps getting bounced back. 
We have a Washington Chapter now of Raptors are the Solution. These are the folks who have been working to get anticoagulant rodenticides banned in California. Their web site has free brochures and flyers, as well as recommendations for alternative pest control options. If you are seeing a lot of deceased barn owls and you think you know who is putting out the poison, please download this free information and share it with them! If you need more support in reaching out to the people / businesses who might be unwittingly harming barn owls, please let me know.
Nancy Crowell
P.S. Our chapter is called WASH-RATS and we have a Facebook page by that name as well.  

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