Date: 9/20/19 8:39 am
From: Kevin D <polykick...>
Subject: [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Green parrot flying around Bend, Oregon
This morning while out walking the dog in Bend, I heard a different sort of
bird call, so I started looking up in the trees. I grew up with parakeets,
cockatiels and love birds so whatever I heard at first didn't sound native
to the area, and reminded me of my former pets. I saw a bird take off and
noticed right away it had a long, split tail. The tail reminded me a bit of
a magpie, but I am pretty sure I have never seen any of those in the Bend
area, and it also did not look to have any dark/black color. It flew a few
trees away and I could still hear it. As we walked around the block I then
saw it on a telephone wire and it was green, with a short, stubby, gray
bill. Clearly seems like a lost pet. I googled a bit for the type of bird
and a Green Ringneck looks similar, but the beak was gray. Ringnecks seem
to have a reddish beak.

When googling green long tail parrots, this video came up, and the bird
looked exactly like one of these! Not sure
what type it is. The birds in the video look like they were not happy to be
on camera.

Two Doves were actually sort of following the parrot around, or vice versa.

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