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Hi Mark,

Sounds like yall are having fun!

While the weather has been so bad west of you, many eastern birds have been
piling up in your area. Here in Texas, we haven't seen anything but rain
crows. ;) Soon, things will go back to normal.

Also remember that this is the peak of the RT hummer migration, which is why
several hummingbird festivals in Texas are right now.

And males of many species migrate well before females and immatures, so you
aren't seeing as many of the guys. They came through in my Galveston yard in
late summer.

Thanks for caring about the birds.



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Subject: [nflbirds] Hummingbirds

We have a large Bottlebrush which is conveniently in heavy bloom. For the
past three or four days we have had as many as eight hummers working the
bush at the same time. We also have some shrimp plants and other
hummingbird friendly plants. Never had numbers like this before, usually
just two or three, so I put up three feeders to supplement the natural food.
Look like they are all Ruby throats, almost all are female. One actually
came up to Janet on the porch, where she was leaning on the railing and
tried to feed through the fingers of her clasped hands.

They are putting on quite a show, less of the territoriality than I would
expect to see.

We are over in the Sawdust community near Greensboro, FL.

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