Date: 9/20/19 4:28 am
From: Linda Ward (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Wilson's Warbler, Coinjock, NC
Yesterday (19th) we had a male Wilson's warbler visit our water spray and
bath beside our goldfish pond. This is our first sighting since 2007, when
we saw one at Mattamuskeet NWR, NC. We've had several redstart females
visit the same location over the past couple of weeks, but no other
warblers here. Our records show that we've had seven sightings of Wilson's
over the years, five of the seven here in Coinjock.

Birding has been limited for us, as we lost one third of our house to H.
Dorian and are dealing with all that means. We were here during the storm
(and if we hadn't been we would have lost our entire house), neither of us
were injured despite bailing water for three hours with 3 trees crashing
thru our roof. Most of our woodland birds appear to have returned, altho
blue jay number went from five to two. We've only seen one nuthatch so far,
whereas we did have two regularly.

Linda Ward
Skip Hancock
Coinjock, NC

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