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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for September 20, 2019
Hello cobirders,

Our report is called Rare Bird Alert because search engines find it
better. The report is really "Uncommon Bird Report" Not all uncommon
birds are rare birds. Birders may want to know where to see them anyway!
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NOTE: Reports do not confirm sightings. Choose to chase at your own risk
and expense.!
NOTE: To reduce length of report, only recent sightings listed; visit
Colorado Birding Society's website everyday for additional sightings!

Reports added: 9/19/2019
Alamosa (Sabine's Gull, Black-bellied Plover, Willet)
Arapahoe (Lesser Black-backed Gull)
Bent (Black-throated Blue Warbler, Townsend's Warbler, Eastern Bluebird)
Broomfield (Common Tern)
Cheyenne (Black-throated Blue Warbler)
Denver (Groove-billed Ani)
El Paso (Gray Flycatcher)
El Paso/Pueblo (Red-eyed Vireo, Ladder-backed Woodpecker)
Huerfano (Red-necked Phalarope, Sabine's Gull)
Jefferson (Prothonotary Warbler, Barn Owl)
Larimer (Sabine's Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull)
Ouray (Grace's Warbler)
Pueblo (Sabine's Gull, Red-necked Phalarope)
Yuma (Eastern Screech-Owl, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird,
Red-bellied Woodpecker, Philadelphia Vireo, Field Sparrow)


Adams County
++++Barr Lake
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Stevens/Megan Miller) first (first 9/14) last
Caspian Tern (2) (Megan Miller) first 9/18
Townsend's Warbler --banding station (McBurney) first 9/17

Arapahoe County
++++Cherry Creek Reservoir
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Glenn Walbek) last 9/19
Sabine's Gull (2 juv) (Cynthia Madsen/Stevens) first (first 9/13) last

Boulder County
++++Lagerman Reservoir & Preserve
Pectoral Sandpiper (Todd Deininger/Carl Bendorf) (first 9/16) last 9/18
Black-bellied Plover (M.OB./Mark Miller) (first 9/16) last 9/17
Sabine's Gull (juv) (Mark Miller) first 9/17

Broomfield County
++++Plaster Reservoir
Common Tern (2) (Chipper Phillips) first 9/19

Denver County
++++Sand Creek South of Smith Road
Groove-billed Ani (when confirmed, 4th State Record --200 yards south
(Jason Bidgood/George Ho) (first 9/8) last 9/19
(Latest: island/west/bridge near Smith Road trailhead; 35th avenue to
Akron, left on Akron to 37th, take gravel path to west)
++++Marston Reservoir
Common Loon (Robert Raker) first 9/15

El Paso County
++++Aiken Canyon Preserve
Gray Flycatcher (Terence Berger) first 9/19
++++Rock Creek Canyon Road
Northern Waterthrush (Rebecca Laroche) first 9/16

El Paso/Pueblo Counties
++++Chico Basin Ranch (fee area)
Red-eyed Vireo (Snowden) first 9/19
Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Snowden) last 9/19
Olive-sided Flycatcher --headquarters (Drummond & all) first 9/18
Gray Flycatcher (Kevin Ash) first 9/18
Blue-headed Vireo (Kevin Ash) first 9/18
(above: banding station unless stated elsewhere, El Paso County)

Huerfano County
++++Wahatoya-Daigre Wildlife Area
Red Phalarope (female) (Polly Wren Nelder) first 9/19
Sabine's Gull (3) (Neldner) first 9/19

Jefferson County
++++Belmar Historic Park
Prothonotary Warbler --north side/small pond (Alicia Arnold/M.OB.) (first
9/18) last 9/19
Tennessee Warbler (Aaron Shipe/Reed Gorner) (first 9/13) last 9/17
++++Red Rocks Park
Barn Owl (Robert Raker/Sally Waterhouse) (first 5/17) 2; last 9/19

Larimer County
++++Lake Loveland
Sabine's Gull (Joshua Smith) first 9/19
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Joshua Smith/Nick Komar) (first 9/9) 2; last
++++Timnath Reservoir
Lesser Black-backed Gull (4) (Nick Komar) first 9/19
++++CSU Environmental Learning Center
Northern Waterthrush (Arvind Panjabi) first 9/18

Pueblo County
++++Pueblo Reservoir
Sabine's Gull (up to 2) --west fishing road (Evan Carlson/Brandon
Percival) (first 9/4) 3; last 9/19
Red-necked Phalarope (6) (Brandon Percival) first 9/19

Weld County
++++Pawnee National Grasslands area
Chestnut-collared Longspur --CR 96 & CR 61 (Katie Koch) first 9/18
++++Crow Valley Campgrounds
Bewick's Wren (if confirmed would be 3rd Cty Record) (Charlie Chase)
first 9/17
Gray Flycatcher (Michael Lester) first 9/15

Yuma County
++++South Republican Wildlife Area
Eastern Screech-Owl --Hale Ponds (CoBus Group) last 9/19
Red-bellied Woodpecker (pair) --Hale Ponds (CoBus Group) last 9/19
Eastern Bluebird (pair) --Hale Ponds (CoBus Group) last 9/19
Red-bellied Woodpecker --south gated road (CoBus Group) last 9/19
Philadelphia Vireo --east/CR 2 curve (CoBus Group) first 9/19
Field Sparrow --CR 2 (CoBus Group) first 9/19


Baca County
++++Carrizo Creek Picnic Area
Scarlet Tanager (Cameron Carver) reported 9/15

Bent County
++++Hasty Campgrounds at John Martin Reservoir
Black-throated Blue Warbler (male) --northeast corner (Dave Leatherman)
first 9/19
(only 2nd fall record for Bent County)
Townsend's Warbler (Duane Nelson) first 9/19
Eastern Bluebird (Leatherman) first 9/19

Cheyenne County
++++Cheyenne County Road 9
Black-throated Blue Warbler (David Suddjian) first 9/18
Mitchek Ranch, private, view from CR 9, mile south of Kit Carson/Cheyenne
County Line

Lincoln County
++++Evilsizer Lake
Black-bellied Plover (David Suddjian) first 9/18
Pectoral Sandpiper (David Suddjian) first 9/18
++++Highway 109, south of Hwy 94
Eastern Bluebird (4) (David Suddjian) first 9/18

Prowers County
++++Lamar Community College
Plumbeous Vireo (David Leatherman) first reported 9/18
Northern Cardinal (Leatherman) last 9/18


Logan County
++++Red Lion Wildlife Area
Nashville Warbler --Little Jumbo Reservoir (CoBus Group) first 9/18
++++Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area
Eastern Screech-Owl --6 to 7 East tracts, north/I76 (CoBus Group) last
Red-bellied Woodpecker (5) --east & west tracts/north/I76 (CoBus Group)
last 9/17
Field Sparrow (1) --east tracts/north/I76 (CoBus Group) last 9/17
Bell's Vireo (CoBus Group) first 9/17
Red-eyed Vireo (CoBus Group) first 9/17
Cassin's Vireo (CoBus Group) first 9/17
Nashville Warbler (CoBus Group) first 9/17
Tennessee Warbler (CoBus Group) first 9/17
Black-throated Green Warbler (CoBus Group) first 9/17
Northern Cardinal (CoBus Group) last 9/17

Logan/Sedgwick Counties
++++Jumbo Reservoir
Tennessee Warbler (CoBus Group) first 9/18

Phillips County
++++County Road 7
Gray Flycatcher (if confirmed, 2nd Cty Record --btw CR 20/CR 10
(Suddjian:Pate:Roberts) first 9/17


Alamosa County
++++Blanca Wetlands See Pond
Sabine's Gull --Pond 184, flew away (John Rawinski) first 9/19
Black-bellied Plover (Rawinski) first 9/19
Willet (Rawinski) first 9/19
++++Alamosa Disc Golf Course
Northern Waterthrush (8th County Record, 2nd at the Golf Course) (Ryan &
Jack Bushong) first 9/15

Clear Creek County
++++Guanella Pass Road
White-tailed Ptarmigan (adult+young) --south of hill (Stevens) first 9/12
American Three-toed Woodpecker --near Duck Lake gate (Stevens) first 9/12
++++Mt. Evans Road
NOTE: Mt. Evans Road is now closed just uphill of Summit Lake; Summit
lake access should stay open until first weekend in October!
Barrow's Goldeneye (1) (Stevens:Shannon/Stevens:Nolan) (first 6/17) 9/3
White-tailed Ptarmigan --field/east of Summit Lake parking area
(Stevens:Shannon/Stevens:Nolan) (first 6/17) 9/3
Brown-capped Rosy Finch (2) --west end/Summit Lake
(Stevens:Shannon/Stevens:Nolan) (first 6/17) 9/3
American Three-toed Woodpecker --Echo Lake & Campgrounds (Stevens:Nolan)
last 9/3

Fremont County
++++Brush Hollow Wildlife Area
Semipalmated Plover (Jerry DeBoer/Rich Miller) (first 9/4) last 9/18

La Plata County
++++Huck Finn Pond area & Animas River Trail
Black Phoebe (Ryan Votta) last 9/18

Mesa County
++++Connected Lakes State Park Area
Mourning Warbler --banding station (Vicki Morgan) first 9/17

Ouray County
++++401-499 Which Way Drive near Ridgway
Grace's Warbler (Craig Swolgaard) first 9/19
++++Ridgway State Park
Black-throated Gray Warbler --banding station (Morgan/Sandy Beranich)
(first 9/5) last 9/18

Park County
++++Eleven Mile State Park
Sabine's Gull (David Tonnessen) (first 9/5) last 9/18

Pitkin County
++++Rio Grande Trail, Aspen
Lewis's Woodpecker (3) --Snowmass to Gerbaz Way (John Anderson) first

Summit County
++++Dillon Reservoir
Common Loon (2) (Chuck Feerick/Misty Waters) (first 9/10) last 9/16

Teller County
++++Manitou Lake
Northern Waterthrush (David Tonnessen) (first 8/27) again 9/18
Chestnut-sided Warbler (if confirmed, 2nd Cty record) (David Tonnessen)
(first 9/17) last 9/18
White-throated Sparrow (Tonnessen) first 9/18
Brown Thrasher (David Tonnessen) first 9/17

Good birding!

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