Date: 9/19/19 10:04 pm
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Subject: [obol] Morgan Lake, Baskett Slough shorebirds
Hi birding friends,

After hearing about the Ruff from Roy Gerig, I headed out to Morgan Lake this evening where I caught up with Don Berg. The Ruff was still there as the sun was setting. A new life bird for me! There was also a good variety of shorebirds there, mostly all close to the dam as there are just two small ponds left in the bottom of Morgan Lake. Lots of mudflats. We had at least 10 species of shorebirds, with good numbers of them too. The Ruff is a beautifully golden colored juvenile too.

Shorebirds we saw:
Pectoral sandpiper
Both yellowlegs
Semipalmated plovers

I also briefly saw one mostly gray and larger shorebird with a shorter bill hanging out with the dowitchers. Maybe the stilt sandpiper? Somehow we lost it after a few seconds. Hope it is still around too.

It’s a good spot right now. I bet more things will show up if the area gets checked with any regularity.

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