Date: 9/19/19 11:58 am
From: Cynthia Fox (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: bird decline
This summer we made our first trip to Alaska. So excited. Until we got
there. Hottest summer temperatures and central Alaska was on fire.
Smoke was everywhere, sometimes visibility less than 1/4 mile. The
hotel was giving out masks to those who needed them. So no vistas as
anticipated. The really sad part was there were NO bugs NO mosquitoes.
Came home with lots of unopened insect repellant. The smoke was
evident all the way to the Arctic Circle. So I worry for the birds who
migrated to the far North to take advantage of the bugs. I wont be
surprised if I hear waterfowl numbers are down this year. I fear this
may become the norm rather than the anomaly. BTW, I expected lots of
new birds from the trip. I got 6.

Cynthia Fox

Chapel Hill NC
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