Date: 9/19/19 11:36 am
From: Derb Carter <derbc...>
Subject: bird decline
If you want to get out and enjoy the nice weather and have a good weekend, stop now and don't read this. An article published by researchers in Science this week concludes birds in North America have declined by 2.9 billion or 29% since 1970. So in the last 50 years we have lost nearly a third of our birds. Those of us who have birded that long know things were much different in 1970 than now, especially the numbers of migratory songbirds, but the magnitude of the decline in a relatively short period of time surprises me, and surprised the researchers. I know there was some discussion this Spring of the paucity of migrant warblers and other songbirds. This may be the new norm, and unfortunately if things don't change may get worse. If you are interested in the details the article is in Science, and good summary with commentary in the New York Times today.

Derb Carter
Chapel Hill, NC

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