Date: 9/18/19 5:06 pm
From: Andy Frank <andydfrank...>
Subject: [obol] Sauvie Island Hudsonian Godwit- NO
As there are people reporting the Fern Ridge Hudsonian Godwit is not being
seen, I thought I would chime in that Brodie Talbot and I just came back
from Sauvie Island without seeing the Hudsonian Godwit seen there
yesterday. The water level was still fairly high. It's possible it's
still in the area, but a return to that spot seems unlikely as the area is
tidal, and since it was found there yesterday there have been 2 intervening
high tides where it would have had to move elsewhere.

For those who do want to check out the area, we learned that parking on the
side of the dirt road (next to the Blue Heron Herbary) is not legal.
Someone else just got a warning note, and an officer who arrived as we did,
kindly informed us of the policy, and that they will tow cars. Legal
parking is about a 5-10 minute walk at the Willow Bar parking lot that is
further north.

Andy Frank

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