Date: 9/18/19 12:40 pm
From: Mark McConaughy <timetraveler50...>
Subject: Very White Gull at Beaver Run Reservoir
I had a small and very white gull (I did not see any gray in the wings, etc.) that was at Beaver Run Reservoir this afternoon. It may have a dark face (at least in one of my photos - but it is a very long photo shot and the face may only be shadowed). Otherwise, it was all white. It had a rounded tail so it wasn't a forked-tailed tern. I quickly snapped off a series of photos which can be found at the eBird Checklist below under unidentified gull link below. I was not able to view it in my scope since it was not set up at the time. By the time I got it out and set up, the gull was gone. The closest I can find to it would be an Ivory Gull in my guide books, but I realize this is highly unlikely. So I hope someone with more knowledge of gulls can provide a positive ID. Thanks!

Mark A. McConaughy
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