Date: 9/18/19 10:02 am
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Some BE Bushtit comments
First, Donald Sutherland has posted his photo to eBird, The black is
really dark and well defined. To my eye there might be a bit of an
'eyering' visible in the dark patch which can give the impression of a
whiter eye, as Sarah has suggested

Second, I've searched the McCauley Library for all Bushtit photos in Nevada
and Utah.
There is nothing as dark or as restricted as the Oregon bird, but the eye
patch does appear 'darkish' in a few and this is light/exposure/angle
The only real 'competitor' to the Oregon Bird is here, with 3 good photos.
Click to enlarge. This is near Las Vegas NV

Bob OBrien Carver Or

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