Date: 9/18/19 3:26 am
From: Sarah Sloane <sloane...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Black-eared Bushtit and OBRC Report
No. The black-eared form is a variant of plumbeous and is not a separate subspecies.

> On Sep 18, 2019, at 2:42 AM, Tim Janzen <tjanzen...> wrote:
> Dear Hendrik and Chuck,
> The National Geographic field guide says that the black eared forms are in the subspecies dimorphicus/melanotis. So I do believe that they are considered a separate subspecies.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Janzen
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> Subject: [obol] Re: Black-eared Bushtit and OBRC Report
> Hi Chuck et al.,
> in a few cases, especially where a potential future split is involved, the OBRC does solicit and review reports of subspecies (e.g., "Bewick's" Swan, "Vega" Herring Gull, "glaucoides" Iceland Gull, "White-winged" and "Gray-headed" Juncos). At this time, as far as I know the "black-eared" bushtits are not considered a separate subspecies, but a color morph that occurs in certain localized populations. Therefore, the OBRC currently does not review reports of these birds. However, I need to double-check with the other committee members whether we may be interested in reports of this rare color morph. I'll get back to you once I have more information.
> Regardless of their taxonomic status, these are a very interesting observations! They certainly should be documented somewhere.
> Happy birding
> Hendrik


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