Date: 9/17/19 5:38 pm
From: Nick Bolgiano <nickbolgiano...>
Subject: Bald Eagle Mt one-year hawk watch
Bald Eagle Mountain is the western-most ridge in Pennsylvania's Ridge &
Valley province, though to the southwest of State College (Centre Co), it
is successively named Brush Mt, Canoe Mt, Lock Mt, Dunning Mt, Evitts Mt,
and Wills Mt. Periodic raptor counts at Karl Striedieck's fire tower on
Bald Eagle Mt north of State College were done in the 1980s and 1990s by
John Peplinski, Kim Van Fleet, Dave Brandes and others. Because of their
sometimes impressive results, particularly of late-season golden eagles and
red-tailed hawks, Bald Eagle Mt was named an Audubon Important Bird Area.

To more completely assess the value of this ridge for raptor migration, we
are conducting a daily fall hawk watch north of State College for only this
year. Jon Kauffman of Shaver's Creek Environmental Center and I are
directors, while Shaver's Creek, State College Bird Club, and Juniata
Valley Audubon Society are funding. Because the ridge has a broad top, we
will choose one of two lookouts, located 0.5 mi apart, depending upon the
wind direction for that day. (If the wind is from the north side of the
ridge, we will be at the North Lookout; if the wind is from the south side,
we will be at the South Lookout.) Kaitlin McGee from CA is the paid

The lookouts are on private land, but the two landowners, Karl Striedieck
and Reed McCormick, have been very gracious and are welcoming of visitors.
We aren't using the fire tower and we can accommodate a modest number of
visitors. If you would like to visit or would like to view maps and
pictures of the watch sites, please respond privately and I will send a
Word document with those details. The watch site is named "Bald Eagle
Mountain - Eagle Field" in Hawkcount.

Nick Bolgiano
State College
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