Date: 9/17/19 8:05 am
From: Beverly Hallberg <bhallbergskloot...>
Subject: [obol] Jaegers at Sturgeon Lake yesterday - Columbia and Multnomah counties
Hi all,

On my Oak Island walkabout, I distantly saw through my scope a jaeger
harassing gulls across the lake in the Johnson Lake area. It was too far
to identify to species. Later in the day, I notice that Tom Myers saw 2
jaeger species from "the wash" area near Racetrack Lake. Later I loudly
heard (flying right over my head near the barns) a high-pitched staccato
bark call that I am familiar with that is consistent with Long-tailed
Jaeger. It was so loud and distinctive, it startled me. Other flight calls
were heard while I was in the near shore area that are also consistent with
Long-tailed Jaeger.

Colby and others may want to check these areas out for better views or


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