Date: 9/15/19 8:41 am
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Subject: Re: Bill Deformity - Downy Woodpecker
Paul Hess wrote a good article on this for PA Birds vol 32 issue 4. Fall issue.

Deb G
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> On Sep 14, 2019, at 11:55 AM, Ann Pettigrew <rook185...> wrote:
> I have a Downy trying to feed by turning its head to the side to pick up seed. At first I thought it had a twig in its mouth. Turns out it has a malocclusion and the upper beak is probably at least an inch long and curved off to the right side while the lower is shorter but curved off to the left. Frankly,I am amazed that it has survived this long. Has anyone else seen this?
> In practice, we would see it in rodents, rabbits, and occasionally, birds, and would trim the teeth or beak back to allow the animals to eat then repeat the process as needed. I cannot imagine this poor little guy surviving through winter.
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