Date: 9/10/19 8:06 pm
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Subject: [NHBirds] Pack Monadnock Raptor Migration Observatory (10 Sep 2019) 1 Raptor
Pack Monadnock Raptor Migration Observatory
Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 10, 2019

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture 0 0 0
Turkey Vulture 0 0 0
Osprey 1 50 51
Bald Eagle 0 19 19
Northern Harrier 0 2 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk 0 68 70
Cooper's Hawk 0 2 2
Northern Goshawk 0 1 1
Red-shouldered Hawk 0 1 1
Broad-winged Hawk 0 371 373
Red-tailed Hawk 0 0 0
Rough-legged Hawk 0 0 0
Golden Eagle 0 0 0
American Kestrel 0 12 12
Merlin 0 6 6
Peregrine Falcon 0 2 2
Unknown Accipiter 0 1 1
Unknown Buteo 0 2 2
Unknown Falcon 0 0 0
Unknown Eagle 0 0 0
Unknown Raptor 0 6 6

Total: 1 543 548

Observation start time: 07:30:00
Observation end time: 15:00:00
Total observation time: 7.5 hours

Official Counter: Henry Walters, Julie Brown, Levi Burford

Observers: Al Grimstad, Janet Delaney, Miki Foley, Tom Delaney

Thanks to all counters and observers for a team effort in their patient
coverage of the mountain today. Just a handful of other visitors to the

Disappointing: visibility practically nil until 1:30, and even then,
viewing was compromised by the low cloud deck. South winds dragging up
moisture that kept us socked in.

Raptor Observations:
One osprey was the day's lone migrant.

Non-raptor Observations:
An enormous black bear coming over the mountain, just as in the children's
song, was the sighting of the morning. Ten minutes after it disappeared in
the mist, the counter's heart raced to hear a huffing and puffing coming
quickly towards him up the path. Luckily it was only Al.

Cloud conditions let us focus, for a change, on what was near at hand. A
good warbler day, with Pine, Blackburnian, Cape May, Blackpoll,
Black-and-white, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, and
Yellow-rumped all observed from near the platform. Red-eyed Vireo and a
Winter Wren also in attendance.

The southern air flow will shift to the west, but there may still be some
morning fog to deal with. It should be warmer, with some sun breaking
through. We're getting close to prime time for the broad-wings, so every
day is worth a trip to the mountain.
Report submitted by Henry Walters (<walters.henry...>)
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