Date: 9/10/19 7:21 pm
From: Catherine Fisher <catherineckx...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Sharp-shinned hawk/adult and fledgling cardinals encounter, Lee
On Allen's Ave. this morning, my husband commented on a downy woodpecker
that looked, as he put it, "glued to the suet". When I looked up, the
downy was, indeed, frozen on the suet feeder; even more interesting were
two cardinals I'd been watching a few minutes earlier: an adult male and
fledgling female (the latter constantly fluttering her wings and
continuously making begging sounds while being fed an endless stream of
sunflower seeds by her dad). This pair, still sitting side by side (facing
different directions), were now, like the downy, stone cold still. I got
up to look for a raptor, and there was a sharp-shinned hawk, perched on a
nearby pine and looking down at the apple tree where our feeding station is
located. I was impressed by the fact that the hitherto relentlessly
begging fledgling, somehow knew it was time to be motionless. At such a
perilous moment, how is that information conveyed to a young bird?
After a minute or two, the sharpie moved to the outer reaches of its
branch, waited and then launched toward the apple tree. Downy and
cardinals, as well as a few goldfinches, instantly scattered; this time,
the sharpie came up empty-taloned.

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