Date: 9/10/19 6:22 pm
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Subject: [birders] Detroit River Hawk Watch (10 Sep 2019) 144 Raptors
Detroit River Hawk Watch
Brownstown, Michigan, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 10, 2019

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture 0 0 0
Turkey Vulture 0 2 2
Osprey 0 9 9
Bald Eagle 0 15 15
Northern Harrier 5 55 55
Sharp-shinned Hawk 122 303 303
Cooper's Hawk 0 3 3
Northern Goshawk 0 0 0
Red-shouldered Hawk 0 0 0
Broad-winged Hawk 14 224 224
Swainson's Hawk 0 0 0
Red-tailed Hawk 1 56 56
Rough-legged Hawk 0 0 0
Golden Eagle 0 0 0
American Kestrel 2 38 38
Merlin 0 2 2
Peregrine Falcon 0 3 3
Unknown Accipiter 0 0 0
Unknown Buteo 0 0 0
Unknown Falcon 0 0 0
Unknown Eagle 0 0 0
Unknown Raptor 0 0 0

Total: 144 710 710

Observation start time: 08:00:00
Observation end time: 15:00:00
Total observation time: 7 hours

Official Counter: Kevin Georg

Observers: Andrew Sturgess, Frank Kitakis, Mark Hainen

Johannes from Ann Arbor paid an always welcome visit. We did manage to show
some sharp-shins to some visitors to the park that were not there for hawk

A return to summerlike conditions with temps in the eighties. We were saved
from most of the discomfort by a wind blowing off the lake. Although the
weather channels were saying S, at least in our little corner of the world
it was SE and we were thankful. Disturbed weather passed well to the NW of
us but it may find us tomorrow. Barometer stayed up near 30.2 most of the
day tailing off slightly at day's end.

Raptor Observations:
I wasn't sure what to expect today but the sharp-shinned hawks came through
with over 120 birds. Not too much else was visible although the wind was
fairly strong pushing birds to the north. Even the sharpies wer crabbing
into wind. The few broad-winged hawks that we saw were well off the north
and partially obscured in the hazy conditions. We did have our first "gray
ghost" male northern harrier, one of five one the day.

Non-raptor Observations:
It was a very slow day for the first couple of hours today, including
monarch butterflies, who had a spectacular day yesterday. It was back to
normal today with 2-300 hundred.

A day fit for man nor beast if the forecast is correct. Story weather with
an east/west front stalling over us. Thunderstorms and rain, possibly
heavy, are predicted. If the storms are far enough apart we may get some
birds making use of the surrounding turbulence to hitch a free ride on the
winds. Mostly sharpies and harriers if that is the case.
Report submitted by Jessica Fletcher (<jessica_fletcher...>)
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