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I just spoke with Curtis Marantz who was at Grover Beach. He estimate 250 Arctic Terns on the beach and another 5000 terns offshore in bad light. He indicated he only saw about 5 Common Terns on shore. This echo’s other eBird reports from that beach today. Brad Schram also had 73 jaegers (Parasitic and Pomarine) and 39 Sabine’s Gulls from shore this morning.

To my knowledge this is unprecedented in California. So something unusual is happening.

Wish the Morro Bay boat trip was tomorrow.


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Well, looks like adult and juvenile Arctic Terns. One would have to scour diligently with a telescope to see if any other age classes are present.


Alvaro Jaramillo

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Went back down to the shore this morning and terns were plentiful though not as many as last night. About a hundred birds kept trying to settle on the shore but they were very skit Hy and took flight quickly and often. When they did settle in for a look the make-up was about 50:50 Commons and Arctic's. I did see Forster's but only as fly-bys and only a few.

I've attached a couple digi-scoped shots for you to look at Alvaro. Let me know what you see.


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As a local surfer of Pismo Beach for the last 38 years, we have been experiencing a red tide, the local term for it, not sure if it's scientific. But yes, the water quality is not the same as "normal". We skipped surfing this weekend because of it. Just my observation.

Tom Slater
Slater Photography
@surfinslater on Instagram

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Hello all,

We have noticed on the pelagics up here in the north (Monterey to Bodega) that Arctic Terns have been particularly frequent. However, Common Terns have been nearly absent. This may not have anything to do with what is going on down there, but I thought I would mention it. However, I do wonder what is going on. Why are the birds inshore? Any idea on what they are feeding? I have looked at sea surface temperatures and chlorophyll online and nothing unusual seems to be going on in your neck of the woods. So the question is why? It his highly unusual, or does it happen every so often?

If many Arctic Terns are perching on the beach, it would be awesome for folks to photograph these and upload to eBird. A good collection of migrant southbound Arctics at close range would be great to have to look at bill color change and molt. There is precious little that gets photographed up close during this season, at least as far as Arctic Terns go. If there are one or two year old birds, that would be even a rarer prize for the photo gallery.

Good birding.


Alvaro Jaramillo

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Brad has posted that the tern show continues along Pismo and Oceano Beaches.

I estimated 1500-2500 terns out over the ocean last night. At one time, with my scope at low power and leveled just above the horizon, my field of view looked as though someone had sprinkled my lens with pepper. Easily 100 birds in my view at one time. The vast majority we're Sterna. Jaegers were plentiful chasing terns left and right.

Many were milling about feeding but there was a continuous flow of birds from the south.

Bob Chapman

Oceano Dunes


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