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Subject: [obol] possible pattern for Zone-tailed Hawk

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Subject: on Zone-tailed Hawks

The occurrence last fall of a Zone-tailed Hawk near Medford prompts me to comment. A number of years ago I saw one at the farm on Thornton Creek, Lincoln County. I've lost the exact date, but I think it was October 6, 1982. When I first saw it, I thought it was a Turkey Vulture, but soon realized it was a buteo, and was able to see the white tail band. I didn't say much about it to anybody at the time for two reasons. One, I didn't think anyone would believe it, and two, it really wasn't one which anyone else could have seen. It swooped low over a pasture, then circled higher and higher for some minutes, before sailing out of sight to the south.
But the reason I'm writing about it now is, because I believe there may be a pattern to the occurrence of this species in the Northwest. The two sightings in Oregon both occurred in October, and the Washington bird was seen on November 5. Perhaps even more importantly, all three sightings occurred during or shortly after periods of warm fall weather with prevailing southerly winds. It is said one swallow doth not spring make, and perhaps three Zone-tailed Hawks do not a pattern make. And I'm not saying one can go out expecting to see one at that time of year under those conditions, but it might be advisable to keep a sharper lookout for one under such circumstances.

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