Date: 9/10/19 1:27 pm
From: <busyday...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] American Bittern @ Dominguez Gap
Tues 10 Sep
Mid morning Jeff Boyd spotted an American Bittern hiding in the reeds
in the south section of the Dominguez Gap (Ponds) Wetlands in Long
Beach. We managed good looks but did not get a photo...I couldn't find
the bird in my camera lens before it crept out of sight. It was viewed
from the L.A.River bicycle path about midway between the Metro Line
bridge and the freight RR bridge to the north. We waited around for
more than a half hour but the bird did not show itself again. Jeff had
seen an AMBI in the wetlands on 12 July and believes this is the same
individual (the 12 July bird was in the north section, between the
freight bridge and Del Amo Blvd).
Richard BarthWest Hollywood

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