Date: 9/10/19 11:52 am
From: Daniel Farrar <jdanielfarrar...>
Subject: [obol] Lane Sea watch, Buller's Shears
Once the rain let up I hit the beach for plovers. As soon as I got out
there a young PARASITIC JAEGER went flying north up the beach and harassed
a few gulls as it went by Siltcoos River mouth. Decided I should get
distracted and watch the ocean to see if anything was blown in. BROWN
PELICANS were moving south early in numbers I've not seen recently. Only a
few SOOTY SHEARWATERS at first, but they were in very close along the
breakers allowing study of the head and bill shape. Two or maybe 3 Sooty
sized white bellied shearwaters flew north beyond the breakers. They were
gleaming white underneath and showed a nice patterned back, perfect for
BULLER'S SHEARWATER. I was looking for the larger, more sluggish
Pink-footed, but no luck. A nicely pattered adult SABINE'S GULL was south
bound. After a half an hour or so the Sooties began moving south in
numbers. I saw flashes of two more white belied shears that stayed low and
I never could get an ID. These were southbound. Not many alcids but RHINO
AUKLETS were moving south in small numbers. Two MARBLED MURRELETS in
winter type plumage flew south very close in.

Daniel Farrar
Dunes City, Oregon

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