Date: 9/10/19 11:15 am
From: Brian Jones <ravenwolf121...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] No Birds - FYI Canoa Golf Course to be an Open Space
Putting on my official work hat . . . . The Pima County Flood Control
District now owns the defunct golf course (donated to the County) and is
co-managed by Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation. The golf
course had fallen into disrepair after years of neglect, so Flood Control
has been focusing on improving safety at the site. Flood Control is working
with the Green Valley Council, Tucson Audubon and a UofA master's student
in the landscape architecture department to start developing a master plan
for the new park. Very little is set in stone at the moment, but I expect
future improvements to include more paths, some habitat
restoration/enhancement work, water harvesting features, perhaps a
permanent pond and/or other water features. One of the big problems at the
site right now is parking and access. That is going to be one of Flood
Control's first priorities.

I haven't officially birded the site yet, but when I have been out there I
have heard a fair amount of bird activity. I expect that it will be a
pretty good spot in Green Valley to go birding (though it probably won't
rival Canoa Ranch). In speaking with nearby residents, they've seen
mountain lion on the course, as well as the other expected mammal life for
the urban/desert interface.

If you go there, don't expect it all to be pretty at this point. There's an
invasive weed problem (Russian thistle) on a lot of the old fairways that
the District is trying to knock down, and there's some erosion as well.
Also, there are currently no facilities there (bathroom, drinking fountain,
etc.), so you must go prepared for that. Some of the old golf cart paths
are very steep in places, so be careful. The District has contractors and
county staff down there working on various needs, so please stay out of
their way if you go.

There will be opportunities for public input, and the Green Valley Council
is forming a "Friends" group that includes this new park as well as Canoa
Ranch and Canoa Preserve (a wildly mis-named park which is mostly softball
fields right now).

If there's enough activity to warrant it, I plan on requesting making the
new park an eBird hotspot.

For the birds!

Brian Jones
Tucson, AZ
I shall pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can
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On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 10:21 AM trose <trose...> wrote:

> RE:
> Canoa Hills Golf Course, Green Valley, AZ
> I haven't seen this mentioned yet on this list (if it has been, please
> disregard), but I found a very interesting article from Pima County dated
> just last month that states the Canoa Hills Golf Course in Green Valley
> (GV), Arizona, is going to be turned into a public recreation facility. It
> has been renamed "Canoa Hills Trails - An Open Space Park". They are in the
> process of cleaning it up, grooming, repairing pathways, etc. (They may or
> may not be done yet, and it may or may not be open yet. Someone in GV will
> have to check).
> Green Valley is intending it to be kind of a complement to the now
> existing Canoa Reserve Park and Canoa Historic Ranch, but it's not really
> particularly close to either.
> This golf course still shows up on Google maps as "Canoa Hills Golf
> Course", labeled "CLOSED" (and listed as "Permanently Closed" in the info
> box that pops up if you click on it) so you should easily be able to zoom
> in to see its location west of hwy I-19, and straddling Camino Del Sol
> road.
> But not confuse it with the "Canoa Ranch Golf Resort/Club"
> (which will also show up on a Google maps search) - that's a whole
> different place. LOL! Canoa Hills Golf Course is instead much farther
> north, near Duval Mine Waterline Rd and Camino Urbano.
> I have no idea just how much of the golf course, which sprawls through
> several Green Valley housing areas, will be open as public trails (the
> article says it has 130 acres). And it doesn't appear to have an water
> features (unless that nice little pond on the west side of Camino Del Sol
> is part of it??) But regardless, whatever they make into public trails
> should end up as a pretty good place to go birding.
> For further info, see the article at:
> Tonya Holland
> Tucson AZ
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