Date: 9/10/19 9:08 am
From: Edge Wade <edgew...>
Subject: Places to bird in September and early October
The weather might not indicate the summer is over, but other signs—falling leaves and bird migration sure does.

In this kind of heat I hesitate to suggest anyone leave any sort of comfort zone, but it’s time to look at some birding venues that deserve more attention—places you might find interesting for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is a good selection of birds).

This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but highlights some neglected places that are target areas for the CACHE and SPARKS commitments to be birded as often as possible in 2019-2020.

In the south central area of the state, Current River country in Shannon Co., check out Sunklands CA, and an area with a birding drive trail, Rocky Creek CA. Rocky Creek has a great variety of habitat (including pines) with easy access. See the Birders’ Guide at

If you live in or take a trip to the grasslands, be sure to visit one of these: Taberville Prairie, Wah-Kon’Tah Prairie, and Monegaw Prairie CA. And while you’re in the area, check out Linscomb Wildlife Area for a change of pace.

If you’ve never seen Johnson’s Shut-ins SP in Reynolds Co. or Bismarck CA, you should. And, if you’ve been to them, you know why you should go back soon.

For those of you who live in or near St. Louis, get a little beyond that 50 mile “radius” polygon of frequent visits and go enjoy Meramec SP and Meramec CA, or Hawn SP.

Springfieldians, how long has it been since you birded Caney Mountain CA? Probably too long.

For you folks in or near west central Missouri, Paintbrush Prairie CA in southern Pettis County is blooming now, and if you’ve never been to Poague CA in Henry County you’re missing out on some good birding (even breeding Mississippi Kites if they haven’t left yet).

K.C. birders may also consider getting up to Kendzora CA or Weston Bend SP.

Adair County in the northeast boasts an excellent state park, Thousand Hills, and a very good conservation area, Big Creek.

The active birders in the southeast have been enjoying some great birding now that floodwaters are down. Don't forget, that American Flamingo was at Donaldson Point.

Wherever you go, bodacious birding!

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator

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