Date: 9/10/19 8:30 am
From: Carol Morgan <crxmorgan...>
Subject: Fwd: [TAS] Red necked phalarope
Jeff phoned me and I got the new red-necked phalarope too. It is on NW 13th Street between Huxman and Humphrey Road, in a shallow puddle on the south side of the road. Marie Plinsky and Kathy McDowell happened to drive by, and stopped to see what Jeff, Dallas and I were looking at. So they got the RNPH too.

Thanks Dallas!

Carol Morgan, Sent from my iPhone

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> From: Jeff Hansen <>
> Date: September 10, 2019 at 10:14:17 AM CDT
> To: Topeka Audubon <topekaaudubon...>
> Subject: [TAS] Red necked phalarope
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> Thanks to Dallas I finally saw the red necked phalarope. Never saw the Pott county one. Great looks at Shawnee county one. They are quite small.
> Should the people that ebirded the one at the county line move their pin to pott county so it shows up in that county? Currently it's showing by where people were parked which is in Shawnee county.
> Jeff Hansen
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