Date: 9/10/19 7:01 am
From: Rob O'Connell <flashart123...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Re: Warblers and Vireos and Flycatchers in Cumberland.
Just went back out as I heard some activity. It turned out to be
White-Breasted Nuthatches, but i noticed a high flyer rising on the
thermals from the hill. Lately these have almost exclusively been
Broad-Winged Hawks, but in this case it was an Osprey climbing high and
heading west.

Also could see the some of the movement from the earlier group up in the
woods heading up the hill.


On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 9:47:01 AM UTC-4, Rob O'Connell wrote:
> Hey all,
> Just curious if my Sandhill Crane post the other day broke the group? No
> posts over a weekend? You haven't all given up birding on me have you?
> I had a burst of activity in the yard this morning. Everything hit the
> treetops shortly after the sun did. My birches had the most and most
> consistent activity but the birds were moving around everywhere.
> It included several warbler species including a Canada, a Magnolia, a
> Yellow-Rumped, 2 Northern Parulas, and an American Redstart.
> The vireos were mostly Red-Eyed but there was one that I think was a
> Warbling as it had less contrast in the head and face than the REVI and a
> bit of yellow tinge to the flanks.
> Also had 3 flycatchers 2 of which were Eastern Phoebe's (the nesting pair
> moved on a while ago so these were passing through), and one that I believe
> was a young Great Crested.
> Several sparrows were seen as well with most being Chipping and 1
> Lincoln's. I did have a group of 18-20 Lincoln's go through my yard last
> week at one point with a disturbingly high rate of avian pox. At least 3
> out of the 18 had large growths around the bills and eyes. As they were
> moving through the grass, I could not see if there were more than that.
> The Pileated could be heard calling and hammering as well as well as Downy
> and Hairy.
> Lately the later in the day activity tends to be down around the parking
> area to Knights Pond (on Greely Road Extension) and in the Pines heading up
> the hill from there.
> Better than coffee,
> And to quote Doug... And now I am late for work...

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