Date: 9/9/19 6:31 pm
From: Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...>
Subject: Allegheny Co. - Hilltop Park Nighthawk Watch

Last night was quite overcast, and there was more action with nighthawks. Tonight, it was 99% clear, and I wondered what that would bring. It brought only 11 nighthawks, in comparison with 26 last night. Still had other good birds.

Joe Papp showed up moments before I'd considered closing shop, and he literally was counting for 24 seconds before one flew across the moon and began hunting the bowl. Another joined it moments later, and for the first time since last Wednesday, nighthawks buzzed the parking lot over and over (45+ minutes). One was so close to my ear (8-10") that I felt a tiny pressure change in my right ear as it flew literally right over my shoulder. Good times!

Chimney Swift - 25
European Starling - 857, including groups of 350, 100, 80(2x)
Cooper's Hawk - 1 local
Cedar Waxwing - 43+
House Finch - 16; every night, a good number fly over from east to west in small numbers
Osprey - 1; AGAIN! Same thing, moving south to north from Heidelberg, this time at 6:27
Common Grackle - 203, including a group of 120; they started a lot later than normal
Great Blue Heron - 1
Canada Goose - 2 at twilight

Dozens and dozens of Green Darners that disappeared abruptly as soon as the sun sank below the horizon. A handful of Big Brown Bats and at least one Little Brown Bat.

6:41 - 1 bird moving north to south
7:01 - 1 bird moving south to north
7:09 - 3 birds moving southwest to northeast
7:12 - 1 bird moving west to east
7:25 - 4 birds, 3 went west to east, one broke of west to southeast, then south, eventually coming back to hunt the bowl
7:50 - 1 bird moving west to east, then hunting the bowl with the above bird

11 total birds (439 birds for the season)

I should be watching again tomorrow night; might be starting 30-40 minutes late due to a work commitment.


Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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