Date: 9/8/19 12:42 pm
From: Ken Copenhaver <copenhvr...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Sandhill Cranes at Fairfield Pond
Following up on reports from 2 coworkers (non-birders), I confirmed this
morning that there are now 2 pairs of Sandhill Cranes at Fairfield Pond. I
found the first pair on Bradley Rd just off Rte 36, and 2 minutes later
found the second pair in the big field on West Street (across from Brannon
sugarhouse). Afterward, I saw the first pair again on my way out. The one
pair is more gray in color, and the other is more brown. I assume they are
in different stages of molt, rather than different ages. One chick was
reported and photographed earlier in the season, but it must have been lost
because it hasn't been seen in several months. Photos on eBird:

Bradley Rd:
West St:
Bradley Rd again:

--Ken Copenhaver
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