Date: 9/8/19 4:47 am
From: Karen Markey <ylime...>
Subject: [birders] Sharing master eBird checklists from a group field trip
When you ask your field trip leader to share his/her eBird checklist with
you, the leader prepares a master checklist that reflects birds seen and/or
heard by one or more members of the group. Via email, eBird sends you a
link asking you to accept a copy of the master checklist, and, presumably,
you accept such a copy. If you did NOT see and/or hear one or more birds on
your copy of the master checklist, you can edit your copy of the checklist,
REMOVING birds you did NOT see and/or hear. If you saw and/or heard one or
more birds that are NOT on the copy, you can edit your list, ADDING birds
you saw or heard. eBird then removes or adds the birds to your personal
copy of the checklist, not to the master checklist.

If you accept every bird on the master checklist, then eBird adds all the
birds to the various life-lists it creates for you. Thus, you might want to
be circumspect, reviewing the eBird checklists you accept, removing and
adding birds based on whether you heard and/or saw them.

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Karen Markey
Email: <ylime...>

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