Date: 9/7/19 2:18 pm
From: Tom Wood <tcwood729...>
Subject: [wisb] Black-bellied Whistling-Duck continues in Dane County
Yesterday evening I saw from eBird reports that the Black-bellied
Whistling-Duck was seen by a couple of birders in the pond on the west side
of CTH KP just north of STH 19, so I decided to give it a second try today.
I watched the pond for about 20 minutes without seeing the duck, so I went
over to Indian Lake and didn't see it there either. I birded the lake area
for about 1.5 hours, and prior to my leaving, another birder told me she had
seen the duck at the CTH KP pond around 7:00 A.M. this morning.
I returned to the pond and was informed by Mary B. that yes, the bird was
there, but as soon as I pulled up it disappeared into the weeds while she
was retrieving her camera. Ok, so I am a jinx for that bird!
I decided to wait it out, and it took about an hour, but then the beautiful
duck appeared and gave great looks while it was preening and feeding. It was
about 280 yards from the road, and another birding couple said they could
see it through binoculars, but if you have a scope, bring it, since they
said the view through my scope was much better than the binoculars.
Also, bring patience in case the bird goes back in the weeds.
Thomas Wood, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County

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