Date: 9/7/19 8:22 am
From: Patricia Hanlon (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Dealing with Hurricane Dorian
I lowered one hummingbird feeder further down in the azalea bush with a red hood over it. They used it throughout the storm. I moved the one from out back on a freestanding pole on the deck to the inside corner of front door within covered porch, hanging over flowers. Also used all day Thursday.
I had a covered area where birds could get to mealworms all day Thursday. Took feeders down Wednesday night, make painted bunting last millet visitor. Got them back out first thing Friday morning.
Returned the hummer feeder with red rain cover to back deck and a beautiful male Baltimore Oriole appeared. Quickly hit orange and jelly feeder out, but have not seen it yet.
Inland from Charleston area coast on Goose Creek Reservoir in Hanahan, SC.
Hope everyone faired well.

Pat Eckstine
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> On Sep 6, 2019, at 7:19 PM, Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...> wrote:
> I started taking down my poles, seed and suet feeders Wednesday afternoon as wind increased. My "usual suspects" kept flying in and looking around for the missing buffet. Despite the increasing wind, I kept my hummingbird feeders up until almost dark. On Thursday, the wind was too strong for feeders. I did step out onto the front porch in the afternoon to look around and take a few photos to send a situation report to out-of-town family. It hurt my heart to look up and see a hummer on a perch next to where the porch feeder was supposed to be.
> As evening approached, the wind had subsided to where I hung two nectar feeders, one the front porch and one outside my kitchen window. Later, I was able to replace two poles and put out three seed feeders until I could replace everything today. I've been blessed with a constant stream of songbirds and hummingbirds throughout today.
> Hope everyone near the coast is safe.
> Frank Hamilton
> Charleston, SC

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