Date: 9/6/19 8:37 am
From: Robert Protz <0000005c73c8f66d-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Hummingbirds
Dear PABirders,
There is a video on Facebook's PA Birders group from 9/4 showing an adult male Rufous in Berks Co. ID is unmistakable.
And . . . Mark Boyd, did you get any photos of your possible Mexican Violetear / Broadtail? (Note the name change from Green Violetear). If that hummer is still around, please get photos. There was an unofficial Mexican Violetear in State College back in August of 2005, but noone got photos, so it's not an officially recognized sighting (but I know someone who saw it).
Rob ProtzBrackenridge PA
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