Date: 9/5/19 7:17 pm
From: Rudy Keller <rckeller...>
Subject: another big thrush flight, berks
From 5:25-6:05 a.m., 9/5, I heard about 350 nocturnal flight calls , mostly of Veery but including some Wood Thrush, while sitting on my deck chair drinking tea here in eastern Berks. It was overcast with light westerly winds, damp but comfortable. Birds were still flying and calling when the locals were waking up and beginning to sing and it was light enough to see the outlines of nearby plants. Mornings of light or calm winds are best for hearing such calls. I live in the sticks. I hear the usual few neighbors start up their cars and drive to work, but there is no constant drone of morning traffic to mask calls.

Rudy Keller
Berks County
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