Date: 9/5/19 2:25 pm
From: Jim Edlhuber <jimedlhuber...>
Subject: [wisb] Sora ~ Feeding at Lakeshore State Park MKE Co. 9/5/19, some images...
Hi all,
While birding Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee this morning it was a nice
surprise to see a Sora. This juvenile bird was feeding along the rocks and
in the water at one of the detention ponds. It gave nice views for a few
minutes and then a gull flew over head just above the cattails and the Sora
darted into the cattails a couple of feet away. The gull was probably just
looking for crayfish. I could just see the Sora standing in there on a
little flat stick. One safe haven in the whole area of cattails for this
little one to rest and sit out of sight. It remained in there for minutes
just looking around, preening and I left. It was a beautiful morning out
with perfect temps with a slight breeze, partly cloudy.

Some images of the Sora feeding at the link below if you care to view them:


Thanks and good birding,

Jim Edlhuber
Town of Genesee Waukesha Co.

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