Date: 9/5/19 1:30 pm
From: Joe Yuhas <joseph.yuhas...>
Subject: Possible Rarity at Woodland Hills Preserve - Northampton County
Hello all,

***Full disclosure - I’m not 100% sure on the id of this bird. This is just my best guess, so please take this with a grain of salt.***

This morning I birded the inner trail at Woodland Hills Preserve and found a bird I could not positively id. My best guess is an Eastern Bell’s Vireo. I wanted to post this here, in case anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to try to re-find the bird. Hopefully someone with a camera, lol. Unfortunately I don’t have one.

Here are my notes from this morning…

First impression was Tennessee Warbler. Olive body with grayish face. Subtle barely darker eye line. But noticed two strong white wing bars. And tail seemed too long and bill a little thick. Bill maybe not sharp enough for a warb. Then thought Philadelphia Vireo/White-eyed Vireo. Dark iris. But no yellow spectacles. White belly with yellow wash on sides down across vent. Never got super good look at bill for thickness but impression seemed to be between Tennessee Warbler and Red-eyed Vireo thickness/size. First seen in bush along trail here (40.6175028, -75.2824321). Lost track of it in this bush (40.6180749, -75.2821495). Was moving with a mixed flock. Best guess is Eastern Bell’s Vireo, but I know that’s very rare.

The white wing bars were very prominent. After studying field guide and pictures, the hang up would be that I didn’t get the greatest look at the bill and BEVI supposedly have one prominent white wing bar and one faint one. This could have been the case with the bird I saw. I just remember thinking the wing bars were prominent enough that Tennessee Warbler, Philly Vireo, and Warbling Vireo would be ruled out. And I saw no sign of any spectacles or yellow on the face for White-eyed Vireo.

I’m going to try to swing back after work around 5:30/6 to see if I can re-find it. If anyone is interested in joining, feel free to call/text/email.

Joe Yuhas
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