Date: 9/5/19 1:02 pm
From: Sue McGrath <newburyportbirders...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Purple Martins of Plum Island - 2019 Nesting Season Tally

We saw a good number of Purple Martins return to Plum Island in late April through August.
The birds are getting accustomed to nesting in the north array.

Lot #1:  North Rack - 3rd season at this site:
Gourds: 24
Eggs: 26
Fledged Young 22 [2018 - 6 young fledged]
Nonviable eggs: 4

Lot #1:  South Rack:
Gourds: 18
Young Fledged: 34 [2018 - 49 young fledged]
Nonviable Eggs: 2

North End Site at the Old PRNWR HQ [Plum Island Lighthouse]:

Gourds: 24
Young Fledged:  28    [2018 - 35 young fledged]
Nonviable Eggs:  11
Expired Young:  8

On 76th Street on the Plum Island Basin, the Purple Martins returned &
nested. No data available - no landlord present.

In Newbury on private property, Purple Martins nested again this year.

Thank you for your reports & support!

Good birding,

Sue McGrath, Newburyport
Lynette Leka, Newbury
Jane Sender, Newburyport
Volunteer Landlords for Plum Island's Purple Martin Colonies

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