Date: 9/4/19 8:06 pm
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Subject: IBET James Bay shorebirds, 2019 seasonal summary so far
Here's the website with the seasonal summary so far. You have to scroll down to see the most recent data for 8/14 through 8/27
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  1. James Bay shorebird project 2019 season summaries, 14 to 27 August
Date:    Tue, 3 Sep 2019 09:46:02 -0400From:    Christian Friis <friis.christian...>Subject: James Bay shorebird project 2019 season summaries, 14 to 27 August
Good day!
The James Bay shorebird project has been underway since 12 July. This season, we have two field camps operational: Longridge Point and Little Piskwamish Point. We’ve updated our website with the latest summary from our field crew for the period 14-27 August 2019. Highlights include southbound pushes of adult shorebirds and influxes of juvenile shorebirds. A Prothonotary Warbler (2nd record for the region, furthest north record, if accepted) at Longridge is a standout passerine record, and finch numbers continue to impress.
Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for future updates, posted roughly every two weeks.
Good birding,          Christian

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