Date: 9/4/19 7:46 pm
From: Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...>
Subject: Allegheny Co. - Hilltop Park Nighthawk Watch

Well, it was a good night for other birds, but bad for nighthawks. A cool breeze started from the west, signaling the cold front that's coming in.

Mourning Dove - 15+
Chimney Swift - 66+
Cedar Waxwing - 19+
Cooper's Hawk - 2, I appeared female-sized, and later from a faraway direction, a much smaller male flew in
Common Grackle - 269
Osprey - 1!

7:54 - 1 bird flew in from the south, hawked above the bowl for four minutes and disappeared.

That was it! I do believe that gives me/us 375 birds so far. Unless personal plans fall through, I will not be counting tomorrow, but will be back on Friday evening.


Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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