Date: 9/4/19 10:20 am
From: Robert Ross <plumisl...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] NH Audubon Pelagic Trip
Hi Birders:

The NH Audubon led a pelagic birding trip on September 3. The trip
itinerary into the Gulf of Maine took birders to the Isle of Shoals and
then beyond to Jeffreys Ledge. It was a beautiful early-fall day with calm
seas and a gentle breeze. The trip departed from Rye Harbor for a nine-hour
cruise. Massachusetts birders were well represented on the manifest and
much time was spent in Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire and Maine

Though the birds were not as cooperative as expected, a few notable species
were seen. The marine mammals, however, were so plentiful, we might suppose
they were not only curious, but friendly.

Two highlights of the day were a school of Atlantic White-sided dolphins
and another of Common Dolphins. We were assured Common Dolphins are not
common and the boat captain reported the large school, estimated at 75
individuals, was the first common dolphins seen this year. Both schools
included babies dolphins and these could be seen jumping clear of the water
and somersaulting in the waves and wake, chasing schools of bait fish that
often cleared the water ahead of the darting dolphins.

The Fin Whales and at least one Humpback Whale made regular appearances as
well, as did Mola Mola (Sunfish), and Blue Sharks on the surface.

I hope others will add to this list, yet here is mine (all numbers

Inshore, Rye Harbor:

Semipalmated Plover (10+)
Common Eider (10)
Greater Yellowlegs (2)
Lesser Yellowlegs (5)
Sanderling (7)
Short-billed Dowitchers (3)
Peregrine Falcon
Double-breasted Cormorant (15)

Isle of Shoals

Double-breasted Cormorant (50)
Herring Gull (25)
Great Black-backed Gulls (10)
Ruddy Turnstone (2)
Northern Gannet (25) for total trip
Semipalmated Plover
Common Eider (20)

Gulf of Maine to Jeffreys Ledge

Wilson Storm Petrels (125+)
Great Shearwater (6)
Manx Shearwater (2)
Red-necked Pharlarope-juvenile
Lesser Black-backed Gull-juveniles (3)
Greater Black-backed Gull-Juveniles and adults (25)
Herring Gulls (25 plus)
Double-breasted Cormorant (10)
Black Tern
Common Tern (expected though not confirmed) (3)
Shearwater species-flying away (8)
Bonaparte Gull


Bob Ross
Byfield, MA

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