Date: 9/4/19 8:46 am
From: Mark Martin <marksuemartin...>
Subject: [wisb] Great Egrets at Goose Pond Sanctuary
Great egret numbers are still increasing at Goose Pond Sanctuary in
Columbia County. Fred and Kate Dike, and Tim and Denise Grundler found 75
great egrets on August 31st. Many were sitting on the railroad tracks.

We counted last night with Jim and Chris Locher and had 95 great egrets
(record number for Goose Pond Sanctuary) and 8 great blue herons. The
birds were all in one flock and birders were looking at sunset on Goose
Pond they might not have seen any. If you see the egrets look closely for
snowy egrets. We would like to see them added to the Goose Pond bird list.

From ebird: "The egret flock was mostly in the wetlands on the northwest
part of the west pond around 7:10 p.m. We headed out to count and as
driving to view "the flock" flew in small flocks to the southwest and then
about 50+ in one flock flew southwest. We found the 95 and 8 great blue
herons in "the flats" in shallow water. Usually our "flat" is cropland
planted to corn. However, this year with record water levels there is a lot
of water and probably a lot of salamanders, frogs, and fathead minnows. The
"flat" where the egrets and herons were found is .6 miles southwest of the
center of the "west" pond. Mark and Sue each had a count of 95 egrets using
Locher's scope. "
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