Date: 9/4/19 6:02 am
From: Sean Beckett <sean...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bird presentations this Saturday- nocturnal flight calls, "birdscaping," Slow Birding, and VT bird conservation
Hi all,

Our BirdFest is coming up this Saturday from 7 am - 2 pm in Montpelier.
Among the various birdy activities are some great presentations and
workshops that many of you would greatly enjoy. Descriptions below. Thanks,
and I hope to see you this weekend!

10 am | Slow Birding with the Bird Diva
Slow Birding is a practice which builds a deeper observation of birds while
creating a deeper connection to yourself and the place you live. Come be a
part of a collective sit spot session to both watch and listen to birds as
a group. We’ll learn how to look with and without binoculars, map what
we’re hearing and seeing, and take field notes that will improve not only
our identification skills but also our awareness of what’s happening on the
landscape. Please bring a portable chair or stool if you would like to
attend this session.

11 am | Bird Conservation in Vermont: How can landowners make a difference?
- Margaret Fowle, Audubon Vermont
Vermont provides important habitat for an abundance of bird species, and
some like Chimney Swifts, Bobolinks, and Wood Thrush are in decline, and
others like Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles have made a comeback. Come
hear an informative presentation about the status of some of our critical
bird species and how humans can play a role in providing the places they
need to thrive.

Noon | Nocturnal bird migration & flight calls - Bill Evans
For more than 30 years Bill Evans has been studying the vocalizations birds
give during their clandestine nocturnal migrations. Bill will share
insights into this cryptic night flight calling phenomenon, play examples
of the calls, and present preliminary results from a microphone monitoring
the calls atop the North Branch Nature Center this season.

1 pm | Keynote: Saving the Bird in the Bush - the Bird Diva, Bridget Butler
The top two pastimes in North America are gardening and birdwatching, when
you put the two together you get "birdscaping" or landscaping with birds in
mind. Bird Diva Bridget Butler will share how you can turn your yard into a
haven for birds and share some of the current research on ensuring that
even in urban areas we're meeting the needs of our feathered friends. It's
all about paying it forward for the birds we enjoy through our love of
nurturing the land.

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