Date: 9/3/19 5:18 pm
From: Liz Lackey <lackeytomliz...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Raptor Migration, Snake Mtn., Addison Co.
The raptors are on the move in Vermont.

I traveled to Addison Co. to look for shorebirds, and also to climb Snake Mtn to see if any raptors were moving.

I was on the summit of Snake Mtn. from noon until 4:30p. A mix of clouds and sun, light variable breeze, mostly from the North.

The following migrating raptors were seen.

Bald Eagles: 10 (8 adults, 2 immatures)
Osprey: 4
Broad-winged hawks 35 (first seen at 2:30p and very high, largest group was 10)
American Kestrels 4
Northern Harriers 2
Sharp-shinned 5

Coopers 1 non-migrating
Redtails 3 non-migrating
TV 24 non-migrating (watched carefully but southward flying groups would turn and head back north)

Monarchs 5
Giant Swallowtail 1 (really high )

I’ll be up on Mt Philo as much as possible here on out.

Liz Lackey
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