Date: 9/3/19 3:16 pm
From: william haddad (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Yesterday and this morning - migrants very active at Hefner Gap and at Humpback
Mark Thomas birded Hefner yesterday morning while I was birding Humpback
Mountain at my cabIn. He had a large flock at Hefner at - including an
Eastern Kingbird! I had 10 Warbler species at the cabin with extremely
close looks in the backyard as they found good food in a Blue Spruce and in
Rose of Sharon Tree as well as wild vegetation. They were feeding
frantically - most at low levels - and one bird being chased brushed
against me as I sat
in a backyard chair. The action lasted a full three quarters of an hour
there. The Warblers seen (many in multiple numbers) were:as follows:
1. B.T. Greens
2. Chestnut-sided
4. Blackburnian
5. B.T. Blue
6. N. Parula
7. Hooded
8. Black and White
9. Am. Redstart
10. Tennessee

The action continued off and on for another 2 hours, especially close to
the bird feeders for the seed eaters on the side deck. Some of the BT.
Blues and Greens
actually landed on the deck close to the feeders. After 6 pm a pair of
Common Nighthawks came overhead to cap off a very enjoyable day.

Today I joined Mark at Hefner and had much of the same Warblers with some
additions. Mark saw a Yellow-throated Warbler and I saw a Canada Warbler.
We both
had brief looks at a Warbler that was either a Bay-breasted or a Pine.
Both at the cabin yesterday and at Hefner today, I had a three Vireo
morning, with Yellow-
throated out numbering Red-eyed and Blue-headed. One flock at the cabin
yesterday included a Cuckoo but completely in a very shaded area at some
so I could not ID it.

On a more somber note, there is now mature Tall Ragweed, more than in past
years, at Hefner and The Orchard Road and I am suffering accordingly, so if
are allergic, come prepared with any meds. Any advice would be appreciated!

Bill Haddad
Spruce Pine, N.C.

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