Date: 9/3/19 10:55 am
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: September eBird Challenge, Stories from eBirders, Taxonomy update, eBird Top 100
This month’s eBird Challenge encourages precise eBirding by tracking
your visit with your smartphone’s GPS. This provides details of which
habitats you birded and provides a better correlation to where birds are
being found. Your privacy is maintained because no one else can see your
track. In order to qualify for the monthly prize, 20 or more eligible
checklists must be submitted with eBird Mobile tracks less than 3 miles.

The newest feature on eBird are the stories by individual birders who
have been impacted as users. Three stories have been written so far. The
first was by a new birder who watches birds as relief from her busy and
stressful life. The other is by a college professor who has used eBird
to improve his teaching skills, and has made him a better birder,
scientist and conservationist. The third is by a Mexican biologist who
is helping new birders to identify birds using the Merlin Bird ID app.
Perhaps someone in PA has a unique story to share about how eBird has
impacted them?

The completed 2019 eBird taxonomy update was finished last month. It
should not affect Pennsylvania birders very much but if you traveled
abroad in the last 12 months you will see some changes to your lists. If
you use eBird Mobile, it would be wise to verify that you have the
latest version from your app store.

As a fun way to generate interest in eBird and appeal to birder’s
competitive interests, a list of the top 100 birders can be viewed for
any county, province, state and country. The link can be found at the
bottom of the Explore page. Set the desired time period and ranking by
species or number of complete checklists. PA birders caught on to eBird
in the mid 2000s when some of the young birders started vying for the
top spot for PA. The eBird annual high count for PA was set in 2012 by
Shannon Thompson with 306 species. This year Jason Horn could easily
break that record. Richard Nugent has submitted the most checklists in
PA with 63,648 and counting….

Chuck Berthoud

York County
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