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3 people have already emailed me about my mistake. My apologies for the error yesterday. I saw many Black Skimmers (adults and juveniles) at New River,Mason and Masonboro Inlets Onslow and Hanover Counties. Too many hours on the road and no proofreading caused the typing error of Razorbills  (NOT seen).

From Loren Hintz Chapel Hill, NC

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carolinabirds Digest Tue, 03 Sep 2019

Table of contents:

1. Long-billed Curlew and Reddish Egrets at east Shackleford Banks, NC - "John
    Fussell" <jofuss...>
2. Olive-Sided Flycatcher - evan wunder <evanwun...>
3. Pre hurricane coastal birds New Hanover and Onslow - Loren Hintz

Yesterday, Steve Howell and I saw a Long-billed Curlew and 3 Reddish Egrets
near the SE end of Shackleford Banks.

The tide was high (extremely high) in the morning and at that time we
checked the ocean (bight) side of the island, where shorebirds frequently
congregate when water levels are high.  That is when we saw the Long-billed
Curlew and a Reddish Egret.  158 Marbled Godwits were a nice count.

Because of the threat of rain and probably also because of hurricane
publicity there were almost no other people there in the morning, a bizarre
occurrence for a Sunday, especially on Labor Day weekend.

When the tide started to fall, we spotted 3 Reddish Egrets on the "Hidden
Flats".  All were dark-morph adults.  (We assume that one of them was the
one we had seen on the ocean side earlier.)

(Because of the strong threat of rain yesterday morning, including lots of
rain and thunderstorms lurking just offshore, it was with some hesitation
that we made our trip to east Shack--where there is no sort of shelter.
After we got out there, showers also started popping up on the adjacent
mainland, but we never got more than a couple of very light sprinkles where
we were.)

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC

Good afternoon everyone,While birding with Alex Marine this morning we had an Olive-Sided Flycatcher at Rough Ridge at 8:30 this morning. Rough Ridge is in Avery county along the parkway near the Linville Cove Viaduct. The bird was seen from the parking lot facing north. It was perched and feeding in some dead trees. Was identified by the darkness on the sides and the large dark bill. It was also displaying white tufts on its side. The bird was still present when we left. Happy Birding,Evan WunderAppalachian State

For Labor Day before the Hurricane, I visited  New River Inlet at North Topsail. Scanning the Marsh near the parking lot I found 1 Yellow-crowned Night-heron with a dozen snowy egrets. There were a number of Sandwich and Royal terns and also shorebirds including two spotted sandpipers, black bellied, wilson and semipalmated plovers. At Wrightsville Beach at Mason Inlet a single Black Tern was flying over the marsh. I found one Wilson Plover and many Semipalmated Plovers. Again there were a number of species of Terns and Gulls. Behind the protection posts and string at Masonboro inlet were almost all the birds that I sighted. Lots of Rudy Turnstones, Terns and Razorbills. Also two banded Oystercatchers (EF8 and CT4)

From Loren Hintz Chapel Hill, NCEnd of carolinabirds Digest Tue, 03 Sep 2019

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