Date: 9/2/19 7:02 am
From: Stanley C Stahl <000000ccb896003a-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Bahamian endemics
Many years ago, I had the privilege to engage with many Bahaman birds, several of them endemic to the Bahamas. I had working vacations at the Rand Memorial Nature Center in Freeport when it was getting started. A coterie of birds followed me around the trails as I tossed them mealworms. A Loggerhead Kingbird had amazing reflexes, catching every mealworm in midair only about 4 feet away from me. Other mealworm feeders included Bahama Warblers, Bahaman Yellowthroat, Olive-capped Warblers, and others.  These endemics will probably suffer extreme losses from Hurricane Dorian. I hope that they recover. I didn’t know whether it is appropriate to send this to this bird site, but a few years ago, a Bahama Woodstar came to Lancaster County.Stanley Stahl

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