Date: 9/1/19 7:57 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Black and White Warbler, Cumberland County
A black and white warbler appeared on the trunk of the honey locust tree
today. He was inching along the trunk. Assuming he was looking for bugs.

Remember seeing these a few times in Corkscrew Swamp in FL in late fall,
also inching along a tree trunk.

We've been seeing several chickadees the last few weeks. Also have some
young birds, goldfinches, cardinals and red bellied woodpecker. Seeing 4
blue jays at one time at the feeder, the most at one time for many years.

Also, now have a huge immature Coopers Hawk literally sitting on top of
the bird feeder pole off and on. has a long stripped tail with a white
edge. The young red tailed hawks that were here all summer seem to have
moved a bit farther from the yard, so possibly the Coopers is taking
advantage of that.

Catbirds and ruby throated hummingbirds are still here. Lots of cardinal
flowers still blooming and the pineapple salvia just started blooming
the last couple days in August.

And I also wanted to thank everyone for the information on Cumberland
County birds. The Breeding Bird Atlases have been excellent sources for
understanding what has been happening with the Cumberland County bird
populations over the last few decades. Still hoping to one day hear
another Ruffed Grouse in northwestern Cumberland County.

currently in eastern Cumberland County
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