Date: 9/1/19 6:47 pm
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Cape Hatteras Salt Pond and Pea Island Birds
Today I joined three others on a one-day trip to the Banks, from Raleigh. The Salt Pond is still quite good, though you need to walk to the south side, as the birds are there, often in the grasses and camphorweed.

Best bird was a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER. We had a few Marbled Godwits and Whimbrels, and a few continuing Piping Plovers. We had 6 of the 8 possible terns there. At the blind area of North Pond we added a Black Tern. At the north dike we had a pair of Gull-billeds swooping into marsh grass for feeding. So we found all 8 possible onshore terms. You can check eBird lists for these hotspots.

Note that the Bodie Island Pond is dismal. North Pond had few shorebirds and most are with a tern and gull flock near the blind. And South Pond is also poor, as most birds are on a sandbar on the back - west side, hard to ID birds from NC 12.

Sadly the places will change in a week.. Who knows what the Banks will look like after Dorian crashes the party. Heck, the island might even be inaccessible for a week or more after it passes. Coastal N.C. doesn’t need still another hurricane.

Harry LeGrand

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